Why ride a Fixed Gear bike?

Fixed Gear bikes: Discover a new world

So basically my first opinion of singlespeed bikes wasn’t exactly positive. But I kept looking. It was like being immersed in a good book, I couldn’t stop. And then it happened. I realized that there was an entire world to be explored, a vast untapped perspective to ponder. If you’ve encountered profound life experiences that go beyond face value, you begin to understand why a seeming downgrade may actually be an upgrade when you give it a closer look.

A good example of that would be jogging outside. Why on earth you ever want to go out and potentially get run over by a car, get eaten by a mountain lion or make an awkward eye contact with a person you’ve been avoiding. Why do all that if you can just stay in the safety of your own home away from any kind of dangerous vehicles or animals?

The Reason

The reason is discovery. We are all built with this inherent need to discover our world, to discover ourselves and discover the meaning as to why we do the things we do. There is more to life than just walls, pretty things that glow in the dark, reports, grades, money and fear.

Typical is not enough

Perhaps its because its typical. Nothing unexpected will happen, you are just there riding along so you dumb down your senses along with your presence of mind. We want something different. Something of our own. We want to discover the world our own unique way. Like a made up tune we want to hum along the world with our own unique set of melodies wide-awake, aware and unique.


Safety can be dangerous

There is also something to be explored about the complete lack of danger. We get lazy, careless and scared of unexpected adventures. A good amount of danger keeps us aware. Aware in a way that lets us enjoy the discovery of the small aspects of life we otherwise would take for granted. With a regular bike you simply pulled a lever to stop. With a fixie you practiced, you think hard and you took it upon yourself to risk falling and now you have managed to stop without the dependence on brakes. It’s a discovery of what you can do.

There is meaning

And with this little added spice in your daily routine, things aren’t simply a random occurring event in your series of endless days similar from the one that preceded it but an actual experience with meaning. You discover your world and it has meaning. You discover your city


Of course, what is a world without practicality. Fixie bikes aren’t as impractical and dangerous as people tend to assume it to be. They have many practical advantages that any smart individual should highly consider. Here are the reasons why you should ride a fixed gear road bike.