Graffiti Tour for Street Art Lovers

Graffiti is an unknown art, marginalized and even persecuted by the authorities. However, it’s constantly evolving in all areas of the city. It’s ephemeral side is a reflection of our times, a form of society claim.


3 hours aprox.


Our shops, on demand


25€ per person

Minimum of 5 people

Special price for groups. Contact us for more info.

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Street Art Tour most famous attractions

El Raval

Mistrerous neighbourhood in the Ciutat Vella district.


Explore this trendy neighborhood filled with Barcelona’s best street art

Bombing Art – Zone

Enjoy this talented artist’s proyects all over barcelona, our Gòtic shop’s wall included!

Art is trash

Truly original installations by spaniard Francisco de Pajaro, whose art lies all over the world: London, New York, Ibiza, and of course, Barcelona!