Special Tours made for you

If you feel like doing a different tour than our standard options, we offer you a special tour. It consists on a flexible schedule and route. You can tell us what you like, what you dislike, and from that information we can figure out the best alternative for you! You’ll be able to enjoy Barcelona customizing it your way!


3 hour aprox, flexible schedule


From our shops, on demand



Minimum of 4 people

Special price for groups. Contact us for more info.

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  • Alternative routes

Ciutat Vella Route

This route goes through the narrow streets of old town with a guide who will explain each of the stories that lie on the walls of churches and palaces, because each corner has its magic. The five districts of the old city: Gòtic, Ribera, Sant Pere, Raval,Barceloneta and respite in the Parque de la Ciutadella. Dare to jump into the story!

There is also a night route.

Contemporary Artists

Today’s art is largely unknown to most people. How do you assess the current art? How is it? How important is? Barcelona is an ideal city to discover. It is a city full of art galleries a great reputation and some not so known but emerging and full of charm that follow the latest trends closely. From the hand of a contemporary artist discover what’s happening in this city.

Cutting Edge Architecture Tour

Barcelona is a reference for architects and lovers of this discipline from all over the world. With a legacy that goes from Roman times to the XXI century, buildings and spaces of this city can inspire and love to all those who have artistic sensibility. On this route we will know those buildings and spaces created in the last 20 years in the city from the point of view of a young architect.

Leading Edge Design

Design and Barcelona are synonymous, but trend-setting neighborhoods: Raval, Born,Gràcia, Poble Nou … Places full of graphic artists, fashion designers, digital creatives … This path leads us to discover these creative spaces that make our everyday life more enjoyable.


It remains to define what a skater is … How is their life, meeting points … Hated by some, platonically loved by other ones, they are the new eternal teenagers , the XXI century rebels. In this path find their favorite spaces and attempt to resolve some of the enigmas that surround.