Bike routes for private groups

We recommend our PRIVATE GROUP TOUR for families, groups of friends or groups of private students. Discovering Barcelona on wheels is one of those essential plans that you cannot miss. Even for those with less experience, cycling in Barcelona is easy and safe.

Taking a PRIVATE GROUP tour is definitely the best option to get to know Barcelona in a much closer and personalized way. On the day of the tour our guide will take into account your interests and concerns through a small questionnaire and then design a personal route to suit you.

A personal tour that combines the Barcelona touristic face vs the local Barcelona is possible, or you could also choose a tour of Graffitis (street art) vs Modernismo and close it eating tapas in a secret location 100% non-tourist. The possibilities are infinite so that you can discover what is of your interest.

On the other hand, if you don’t have excact requestes, you can also choose one of our already established tours: Classic Barcelona Tour, Modernist Tour, Beach Tour or Tapas Tour.

  • Price

    30€ each person / 22€ starting from 4 people

  • Duration

    Duration of 3 hours, with the possibility of more hours

  • More people?

    Discount for groups from 10 people

  • How you want it

    Choose an already defined tour or tell us what kind of tour you’d like to do

  • And more!

    Do not esitate to contact, call or write us a mail to communicate: content, tour and duration of the PRIVATE GROUP.