Corporate Routes to reward your employees

Barcelona is among the 10 best equipped cities in the world to use the bicycle. So, if you are a company and want to reward the efforts of your employees with an incentive, from Ride or Die we are careful to organize a tour tailored to the needs of your company.

Our proposal for CORPORATE GROUPS is to make a tour, cool and fun (gymkhana, photo context, etc …) but at the same time provide a consistent criterion to the art and culture of Barcelona.

Within the content of the tour we also take into account aspects of the urban and economic growth of the city throughout history and its social context. In this way, when the tour ends we are pleased that the participants can take with them both a fun experience and a strong opinion of the region.

Similarly in Ride or Die we are adapting to the needs that different types of companies bring us, in this sense, any proposal or requirement will always be listened with attention.

  • Duration

    Duration of 3 hours, with the option of more

  • More people?

    Discount from groups from 10 people

  • How you want it

    Choose an already defined tour or tell us what kind of tour you’d like to do

  • And more!

    Do not esitate to contact, call or write us a mail to communicate: content, tour and duration of the PRIVATE GROUP.