Bici-Rutas de Barcelona: Gayfriendly


The Best Bike-Routes in Barcelona. Touring their Gayfriendly neighborhoods

Barcelona has become one of the first ‘gayfriendly’ destinations worldwide due to the large influx of tourists who are carried away by the open, eclectic and international atmosphere offered by the city of Barcelona. This is because in the seventies a large number of collectives and associations have been concerned and fought for the rights of all that were outside the law.
Nowadays, Barcelona is widely referenced worldwide for diverse tourism in the widestsense of the word.

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Adicción por Fixed Gear Bikes

Por qué tener un Fixed Gear bike?

Bicicletas Fixed: Un nuevo mundo por descubrir

Así que, básicamente, mi primera opinión sobre las bicicletas de piñon fijo no fue exactamente positiva. Pero seguí buscando. Era como estar inmersa en un buen libro, no podía parar. Y luego sucedió. Me di cuenta de que había un mundo entero por explorar, una gran perspectiva sin explotar para reflexionar. Si se han encontrado con experiencias de vida  que van más allá del valor nominal, comienzas a entender por qué una degradación aparente en realidad puede ser una actualización cuando se le da una mirada más cercana.

Un buen ejemplo de eso sería correr afuera. ¿Por qué diablos querría salir y ser atropellado por un automóvil, ser comido por un león de montaña o tener un contacto visual incómodo con una persona que has estado evitando? ¿Por qué hacer todo eso si podemos quedarnos en la seguridad de nuestro propio hogar lejos de cualquier tipo de vehículos o animales peligrosos?

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Halloween en Barcelona

¿Qué hacer para halloween en Barcelona?

Muchos países hoy celebran Halloween como en los países anglosajones, la gente se disfraza la noche del 31 de octubre, también conocida como noche de brujas. Sin embargo, en Cataluña, esta práctica no es la más habitual. A muchas personas no les gusta celebrar Halloween y prefieren la típica Castanyada.

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Cycling and Coffee

The bicycle also drinks coffe

With the increase of urban cycling, bicycles are booming in the different cities of the world, in London and Stockholm is not at all strange to see this type of premises, but here in Barcelona we are not behind, there are at least three or four places where we can take our cafe ristretto and the bikes are invited in this tour. Multipurpose spaces in which you can taste a cappuccino while you repair a wheel.

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Biking Montjuic Castle : A Beautiful Climb In The Heart Of Barcelona

Cycling Montjuic one of the best places to be.

How to get there?

Not many bike rides can pack as much into 7 kilometers as the road up and down Barcelona’s Montjuïc Castle.

Forget the funicular, we’re talking about a fantastic early-morning expedition that encompasses everything from your daily dose of intense cardio to some of the best sights Spain’s coastal capital has to offer. Just be ready to work up a sweat by the time you reach the top, as these inclines are not for the faint of heart.

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Barcelona Cycling Routes: Poble Sec and his wordefull terraces

The Best Barcelona Cycling Routes

 Poble Sec a wordefull place to cycling and eat pinchos.


Poble sec wake up every morning behind the shadow of Montjuic. It is a quiet and residencial neighborhood, popular and multicultural. Blai Street and Plaza del Sortidor are the main arteries of this small and steep district, where you will find many terraces full of life and good atmosphere.

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Barcelona Cycling Routes: L’Eixample Synonym of Architecture and Modernity

The Best Barcelona Cycling Routes

 L’Eixample Synonym of Architecture and Modernity.


Up after Carrer de Joaquin Costa leads you to Eixample district. Saying L´Eixample is saying Gaudí, but also Ildefonso Cerdà, Lluís Domènech i Montaner, Josep Puig i Cadafalch, ManuelComas i Thos, to name a few of those geniuses of Modernist arquitecture of the XX century. Here in these streets you will taste the bourgeois Catalan lifestyle.

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Barcelona Cycling Routes: The Raval and its outgoing personality.

The Best Barcelona Cycling Routes

The Raval and its outgoing and unique personality.

From Gotico, if you cross Rambla famous Street, you enter Raval district, the most alternative, pùnk and decadent area of the city. When Gotico enclose you unto its narrow streets, Raval will take you into its extrovert, authentic, peculiar personality. It is like Rambla is the mirror of the two opposite faces that would be Raval and Gotico. The symbol of Raval would be the Gato de Botero sculpture, situated in la Rambla del Raval. Raval is different, Raval is a small world, full of life and diversity, irreverent, inexhaustible.

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Barcelona Cycling Routes: The Gothic.

The Best Barcelona Cycling Routes

The Gothic

Built on top of Romanic rests, between Via Laietana and famous Ramblas, between placa Catalunya and Paseo colon, sinuous narrow streets full of cornices and dark corners… you name it: el Gotico district.

Its small streets and dead-end streets will seduce you. Take a deep breath and drive in, following whispers of the ancient spirits.

As you enter deep in the shadowed streets, el Gotico opens its heavy doors and its darkest secrets.

As you ride through Gotic, just remember to look up, you will get surprised by the smallest details of the architecture.

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Barcelona Cycling Routes. Born

The Best Barcelona Cycling Routes

El Born

Leaving Barceloneta, which direction should we head for? Gotico o Born?

Born is the Barcelona district that has the most cultural and leisure places. Without mentioning you can get to the beach within few minutes, passing by the Pla de Palau. Born has everything you need.


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